November Silverton Launch

Saturday, Nov. 9th, the “Giblets & Chutes” launch will be held in Silverton at the following location: 907 Cascade Highway NE. Launch hours will be 9 AM until whenever there are no rockets left to launch. A through G motors (plus some smaller H motors are permitted. There will be no fees for this launch.

October 2019

Fall has definitely arrived. Here is our schedule for October:

Saturday, October 5th: Low Power at Garden Home Park. Launch hours are 1:30 to 4:00 (The field is available so we are starting a little early!). Weather forecast is looking good. A and B motors only (C’s allowed for heavier models with approval).

Fri-Sun, October 11-13: Rocketober High Power Launch in Brothers, OR. This will be our last launch at Brothers for the season, so come fly!

Details on all of our launches can be found on our calendar page: