October 2017

Greetings Rocketeers!

The end of the season is fast approaching. Here are the club events taking place in October:

Club Meeting – October 5th, 7:30pm – Giovanni’s (Google Maps)
Agenda will include Fillible’s Folly Review and Rocketober Planning.

Low Power Launch – October 7th, 2pm-4pm – Garden Home Park (Google Maps)

Rocketober – October 20-22 – Brothers, OR – Launch DetailsVolunteer Sign-Up Sheet

Fillible’s Folly Launch

The Oregon Rocketry Fillible’s Folly launch will take place this coming weekend, Sept. 15-17. The first day of the launch (Fri., 9/15) will be for members only, following set-up of the range on Friday morning. Saturday and Sunday are open to all;Saturday launch hours are 8 AM – 6 PM (with night flights likely if there is interest), and Sunday hours will be 8 AM – 2 PM. This year’s launch will be on the south side of Perrydale Road opposite the silos, the same launch location we had 2 years ago. Look for signs on the south side of Perrydale Road pointing to the field (Bethel Road from Highway 99 turns into Perrydale Road).

We will have launch facilities for low, mid, and high power rocketry at the field. Our waiver is limited to 5400′ AGL, however, so total impulse will be limited to L motors and below. Please check in at the Registration desk when you arrive, and you will be issued a wrist band the indicates you certification level. Please fill out a launch card and check your rocket in at the Range Safety desk prior to taking it to Launch Control in preparation for launching – all rockets must have an RSO signature prior to being launched.

Rocketry supplies. kits, and motors will be available at the launch all three days, courtesy of Sunriver Nature Center. They will have a trailer with supplies for sale during the entire launch. We will again have food available Saturday only: the Taco King food cart will be at the launch site from 11 AM until 1 or 2 PM Saturday, depending on demand. They will have low cost Mexican food and drinks available for sale. Dry camping will be available at the launch site again this year. The launch site itself will be on a tilled radish field; much flatter land for camping is available nearby under the trees near the grain silos across the road – it is an easy walk/drive from there to the launch site. Port-a-potties will be stationed both at the launch site and at the camping site near the trees.

We will again have some rocketry contests on Saturday only. This is a list of the proposed competitions:

1) Spot landing contest (aka Oh No! You hit Kenny!)

2) Altitude contest: closest to 1500′

3) Best/most interesting rocket paint job/finish

4) Best/most interesting rocket design

5) Drag race – D motor

If you are interested in volunteering for either LCO or RSO duty during the launch, you can sign up online at, or stop by the LCO table and sign up for a 2-hour slot when you arrive.